by Infiniti Cuntz

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dirty tranny pop debut album from pittsburgh's most disgruntled queer icon Infiniti Cuntz. last seen over a year ago changing her panties onstage at the blue moon or on her knees at Honcho, Infiniti Cuntz raises the question, How Many Alters Does Elle Need?


released December 14, 2014

All of them. produced and performed by Elle Excess 2010-2013



all rights reserved


sub Mistress Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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sub Mistress
ag ag lady

pittsburgh, pa
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Track Name: Pretty Girl Cock
pretty girl cock. don't look down until you feel me. i can't wait until you're wrapped up, in me. my velvet lips surround you, kiss. my hand upon your hip, when i dip you dip we dip. pretty girl cock. you know, girl, just want to have fun. trannies are fierce and we carry big guns
Track Name: Swish Switch Bitch
swish switch bitch. i'll murder all yr beats. look at my face, i do this naturally, my real chemistry intersexuality. my trans-ness, yr sloppy mess, these type of words should never pass from men's lips: we're white broke whore queer trans women trying to make art trying to pay bills trying to blow up. you show up, you want to start a conversation, you want to raise awareness, but you do not wonder why girls like me aren't in attendance? no stress
Track Name: Double Infinity Chromosome
hail eris heuristic aristocrat mystic this hypnotist twist of fate feigning existance this chemical bliss in which childhood’s fixed in each diagnosis a new way of knowing i am going down i taste strawberries this is a choice? this is robbery this is my last memory before the second surgery: i was eight years old and my hair was already a victim of compromise i wanted it long my mom made me keep it short in the front ugh i knew it was wrong inside i cover my hair now. it is mine along with the scars. every day i feel the lines where they cut me open - all the gender binary magic they cannot explain only heavy mood stabilizers and don’t want to listen to my story i once wrote a song when i was fifteen i called it lithium cause it was the metal salt that built the wall of fog don’t let me know who i really am. lithium do i want to know who i really am? lithium reaching through the mists it’s been so long. a song can spend eleven years in a notebook and have all the answers, you just can’t be scared to look. well i’ve been busy running a bunch of the wrong steroid scripts for way to long. i’ve broken my habit with every other stimulant, took twenty six years to get a doctor to hear me instead of scare me, tell me that i’m crazy. whats wrong with me? i’ve got a hormonal issue that makes expert uncomfortable, so they keep the cracks wide and act surprised when i fall inside. it’s been twenty six years stuck with surgically modified equipment. do you remember puberty? do you recall the horror as your body betrays you rapidly due to the chemicals they put in you? wait you meant that didn’t happen to you? i thought it was normal. parents came up with a bunch of bad excuses why. i remember eavesdropping about hormonal imbalance, not keeping up with the charts. fuck a chart. i remember nine years old, all the kids in our science class made a graph by height and weight. there were two clouds of dots, one with all the little boys and my dot wasn’t in it. my heart’s never been in this shitty boy drag, this awkward gender performance. but there it was, plain as day. “jules is a girl’s name” “so what?” is all i could say.i’m sick of trans invisibility. i’m sick of pretending to make you comfortable with me. i was born this way, so they made me undergo surgery. so now i’m twenty six intersex and politically incorrect enough to risk my life to spit my lyrics that are heavier than anything around your neck. i am the baddest bitch the mic has ever known. i have double infinity chromosomes
Track Name: 23rd Century Girl (ft. Zelda)
what made you choose the name ag ag lady? well um i'm not really sure. uh i saw how she was being passed as the spokesperson and i figured she was going to get something painfully wrong at some point, and i wanted to be ready to step up as the next pop star, i mean i picked the name and immediately afterwords. the whole scandal with lady gaga being accused of being a trans woman and then sayin ga bunch of phobic shit instead of like saying "no, i'm cis" yeah she fucks up, she fucks up a lot, when i first heard her, the things that are on the poster are what she means, meant to me.
Track Name: Recurse
Track Name: Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Infiniti Cuntz cover)
do you think you're better off alone?
Track Name: Genie
my body is saying let's go but my heart is saying no. if you want to be with me baby there's a price to pay. i'm a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way. if you want to be with me, i can make your wish come true, gotta make a big impression, i gotta like what you do. come on in and let me out i'm a genie in a bottle baby. lost in a dream. hit me baby one more time. call out my name, hold the line! love isn't always on time. come on in and let me out. come and set me free babe and i'll be with you. come on in and let me out